Restricted Alternative Cancer Treatment

A number of years ago we started to work with the legislature and the Medical Board to pass legislation so that the people of California could  have access to alternative therapies, and the doctors providing those therapies would not be prosecuted.  We were successful in getting that legislation passed and signed by the Governor in 2004.  (Bill number is SB 1691, the “Physicians and surgeons:  alternative or complementary medicine”.)

Yet freedom for physicians in California to have the same rights as physicians have in other states to offer safe/effective alternative treatment for cancer is illegal under Section 109335 of the Health and Safety Code.

It has been the goal of our organization to change the California law that makes it a criminal offense to prescribe or administer cancer treatments other than chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. There are alternative treatments for cancer that are very effective, less expensive and do not have the terrible side effects of the conventional treatments.

We introduced a cancer freedom bill in the past with thousands of support letters yet this bill was defeated. The political power of the California Medical Association, the opposition by the oncology physicians and the Medical Board along with the influence of the drug industry has made it almost impossible for passage of an alternative cancer bill.

This year our organization is trying a different approach. We are focusing on the Medical Board to reinstate their Committee on Alternative Treatments and to present to that Committee the facts about the safety and effectiveness of alternative treatments for cancer. The goal is to prevail on the Medical Board to sponsor a bill to change the state law.

How you can help:

Attend meetings of the California Medical Board, the Board meets four times a year – the next meeting is November first and second in San Diego. The other locations will be the San Francisco Area, Sacramento and Los Angeles.  For location, times and agenda go to

The best time to attend the general meeting of the Board is usually on Friday mornings about ten. The public is invited to attend and address the Board. In your presentation always be short, polite and positive. A simple statement of “You are pledged to protect the public. In doing so you should support the right of citizens to have access to all forms of good medicine. To have it illegal in California to make it a crime for physicians to practice safe and effective treatment for cancer is not protecting the public. Please work to change that law.”

You may write a letter and express your view to the Board as a whole, letters should be addressed to Members of the Board, or write to individual members in care of the Board.  The address is California Medical Board, 1426 Howe Avenue, #54, Sacramento, CA 95825.  Again be positive in your communication. Board Members generally want to serve the public, as they are very committed individuals. We want them on our side.

It is expensive for our California Citizens for Health Organization to carry out the legislative work when we are opposed by very wealthy lobby groups. Donations large and small to assist us would be appreciated. Note: donations are not tax deductible because we are a 501C-4 (political/non-partisan) non-profit organization.

If you can afford ten or more dollars a month you can have automatic donations made from your credit card. To receive a form to be completed with your information, send an email to [email protected] and we will send/fax it to you.  We can accept Discover, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Checks should be payable to California Citizens for Health Freedom  (CCFHF) and sent to 8048 Mamie Ave, Oroville, California 95966.