About The Legislation

Integrative Treatment of Cancer Bill

The Integrative Treatment of this Cancer Bill is groundbreaking legislation. Currently, physicians across the US are limited to treating cancer with only radiation, chemotherapy or surgery or they run the very real risk of losing their medical license. Over the last few decades, research has shown success in using natural and non-toxic approaches to treating cancer which have gone unnoticed by most of mainstream medicine because of the lack of funding to support large studies of substances and approaches that cannot be patented.

This bill will change this paradigm in cancer by protecting physicians who want to provide medicines and treatments that have research supporting their use. The bill includes strong provisions that protect the public by ensuring the patient is well informed about the treatment the doctor is providing, as well as provisions to regularly measure the progress of their treatments.

It also limits cancer treatments for reducing the size of a cancer, slowing the growth of a cancer, or improving the quality of life of a cancer patient. This approach opens the door for individual doctors, hospitals and research institutions to study a wide variety of treatments that are expected to result in new cancer cures, but limit treatment goals by respecting concerns about exaggerated claims of curing cancer without more in depth research.

What does this bill accomplish?

It makes the decision on how to treat cancer a private decision between the doctor and his or her patient.

It stops medical boards from disciplining doctors for providing integrative cancer treatments and opens the door for advancements in medicine.

It protects the public, by making sure patients are well informed during the course of their care and that doctors follow strict regulations.

It encourages coordination of care between the doctor providing integrative cancer care and the doctors providing conventional cancer care.

Who benefits from the Integrative Treatment of Cancer?

Patients will have access to more holistic approaches that show promise in the treatment of cancer and will no longer need to travel to Mexico, overseas, or out of state for integrative cancer treatment.

Doctors, hospitals and research institutions will be provided a “safe harbor” where they can study a wide variety of safe and effective approaches in treatment of cancer patients.

The State of California will become a leader in integrative cancer treatments, become a destination in the US for care, and benefit financially from the influx of patients and clinics that will specialize in the integrative treatment of cancer.

Manufacturers of high quality nutriceuticals, intravenous therapies, and other substances and therapies that show promise in the treatment of cancer, in peer-reviewed and scientific journals.

About the California Citizens for Health Freedom

The California Citizens for Health Freedom (CCHF) is a 501(c)4 non-profit organization whose mission is to protect and expand the right of citizens to have access to alternative medicine, natural treatments, natural nutritional products and to have a toxic free environment.

In 2002, CCHF wrote a similar bill that protects physicians who prescribe alternative medicine, which was ultimately sponsored by the California Medical Board and was passed into law. We are now  introducing our Integrative Treatment of Cancer Bill and need your support!  Our funding comes from donations (pledges) from citizens and some physicians.  As a citizen’s based organization we depend upon your support and help.  If you can help click here.